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Nineteenth-century press

The 19th century press offered the public its first glimpse of what lay ahead. From our viewpoint, what was written at the time provides a window on shifts in aesthetic tastes and literary trends whether it be through reading specialist commentary or the more general opinions of editors of weekly or daily papers. Comparing different pieces that covered the same work or event helps us better understand the political intrigues that fuelled the “media” of the day or set them at odds. The item being reported on, a mere pretext in itself, oftentimes offers less insight than howit is reported. Artistic border-wars, particularly between “Rossini-ites” and “Wagnerites”, were waged remorselessly in pamphlets or in public pronouncements, some of which came from the pens of leading composers of the time like Berlioz, Saint-Saëns, Gounod and Dukas. In this section, you’ll find articles linked by easy-to-find key-words that summarize the content of each and make for effortless navigation. Most of the articles were generated and compiled by Palazzetto Bru Zane for concert performances or as liner-notes and provide a wealth of documentary material on a variety of topics (like the Prix de Rome) and on operas in particular.


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