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The rediscovery and diffusion of French work from the height of the 19th century are central to Palazzetto Bru Zane’s mission. While “standards” of the repertoire are regularly featured in current concert programming, a large number of works remain relatively unknown to a wider public. The inherent aesthetic appeal of these works and the pleasure derived from their discovery is further enhanced by the opportunity given to air works that are truly representative of their era and so provide contemporary audiences with a better understanding of the artistic tastes of the time. This artistic mission is underpinned by a far-reaching musicological research effort to aid contemporary performers and audiences in their exploration of a work’s history, including: situating a particular piece in the body of a composer’s work; knowing the context in which it was composed; identifying the forces that influenced its creation; measuring the impact it had on its time and defining performance techniques used in the 19th century. In this section, you’ll find programme notes for works given at Palazzetto Bru Zane. The various entries detail the principal stylistic elements of each work and place its composition and creation in context. Links at the bottom of the page for each entry allow users to click through to other files (people, topics, documents, etc.) relating to the work in question.


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