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Suite for three cellos (Fernand de La Tombelle)




Allegro – Andantino – Scherzando presto – Lento – Allegro 


Published in Paris by Sénart in 1921, Fernand de la Tombelle’s suite for three cellos was dedicated to the famous cellists, Monsieur Ruyssen and his two sons. The assertive beginning of the F major Allegro, which opens with a fortissimo chord followed by the three instruments playing in unison, leads into a tuneful theme in the upper register of the first cello, which successively develops the initial melodic material. In ABA form, the D minor Andantino is reminiscent of aberceuse. Over a ternary rhythm, the first cello plays an extremely simple melody, pianissimo, accompanied by pizzicati on the two other instruments. The three instruments introduce a second theme in imitation, which gives rise to an intricate quaver counterpoint. Forming a marked contrast with the previous movement, the Presto in A major sweeps the three instruments into a headlong dash, interrupted by a ghostly central passage in C major. The restrained Lento is played by the three instruments with mutes. The finale opens with an irresistible rising scale motif played in octaves by the three instruments; the second half of the movement forms a vast crescendo from the pianissimo marking, with a final acceleration that affords a thrilling conclusion for each of the three performers.

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  • LA TOMBELLE, Fernand de (1854-1928)
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  • Instruments à cordes – L’École française de violoncelle