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Bretaudeau, Isabelle – De la Berceuse au Chant élégiaque de Lucien Durosoir : ressemblances et dissemblances




La Berceuse for flute and piano (1934) and the Chant élégiaque for violin and piano (1950) by Lucien Durosoir follow the same melodic line, although the piano part is completely different in both pieces. By exploring the respective genesis of these two works, as well as their composition (similarities and differences), the aim of this article is to put forward as well as understand various elements that motivated Lucien Durosoir’s unique approach to creation, and offer a new perspective on the musical impact of these differences; finally, it examines the development of language in the composer’s work.

    Person - 1
  • DUROSOIR, Lucien (1878-1955)
  • Works - 2
  • Berceuse pour flûte et piano (Lucien Durosoir)
  • Chant élégiaque (Lucien Durosoir)