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Porto San Martin, Isabelle – L'opéra-comique en Espagne : une présence sous condition




A keen interest in French opéra comique developed in Spain from the early 19th century. Its presence on the Madrid stage, however, was influenced by theatre regulations and public taste. Although opéra comique overtures were successful in concert, numerous changes were made to the libretto and the score. These adaptations allow us to examine the unique nature of Spanish opera and its close relationship with the French repertory. This relationship is particularly obvious given that, from the 1840s onwards, Spanish authors and composers working on the revival of the zarzuela freely admitted the influence of opéra comique. The case of La Vieille by Fétis (1826) and Una vieja by Gaztambide (1858) is a perfect example of this phenomenon, which not only reflects a concept of dramatic art, but also the meeting of two cultures.

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  • GARCÍA, Manuel (1775-1832)
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  • Art lyrique et transferts culturels. 1800-1850 (2011)