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Bru Zane Mediabase offers different ways of exploring nineteenth-century French music. In addition to free searches available to visitors, the pathway can begin with a name, a title, a theme, an instrument, a type of ensemble, a music venue or an institution found in the lists. From those that are accessible from this menu, you can access the item you are looking for then follow the links to other content on their pages.

Artists are listed alphabetically by surname.

Works appear alphabetically by title, omitting the articles “L’”, “La”, "Le" and “Les”.

Virtual exhibitions propose an iconographic selection, chosen on the basis of the themes of the Venetian festivals at the Palazzetto Bru Zane. 

Focuses gather pages of various contents on the Bru Zane Mediabase on crossed subjects.

Musical ensembles allow you to quickly find works composed for a specific instrument. 

Instruments lead to the presentation of works written for them. 

Finally, Music venues and institutions offer the possibility of searching for a work not by its authors or number, but by the place it was created.