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Bru Zane Mediabase offers several ways of searching, conceived to facilitate access to the different pages on the site according to the different needs of musicians, researchers and the curious.

The results can be viewed in the form of icons or lists. The number of results per page (18, 36 or 72) can be chosen from a drop-down menu. The initial criteria for sorting the results - by relevance, title or date (of documents or works) also appear at the top of the page in a drop-down menu.

In order to be sure that the page consulted properly corresponds to your search, a preview of the record is proposed when you first click on a result. You must then choose “See the complete file” to access this.


The general search tool - found on the home page - searches all the pages on the site.

A request entered without anything written in the search field goes to all the pages. A request entered with one or more words written in the search field goes to the pages where this or these words appear in the page.

To the left of the results are elements that refine the results. You can search the pages according to the words in their titles. You can also filter the results according to the type of page you are looking for: person; work; document and archive; studies; symposia.

By creating a user account, you can save your searches and enter them again at a later date.

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Search for a person

A specific search tool for finding people on the Bru Zane Mediabase allows this group to be searched on the basis of several criteria:

  • The main search field searches for all words on each page.
  • The search field by name looks only for the names and surnames of the artists.
  • The filters to the left of the search results allow the categories of people to be targeted on the basis of their professions. 

The filters can be combined and some categories offer sub-categories: for example, by clicking on the descending arrow beside the “Instrumentalist” category, you can select only musicians who play a specific instrument (flute, piano, trombone etc.)

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Search for a work

The search tool for works also offers several methods for filtering the results. In addition to the general engine, searching in all the contents of the pages, you can search this group according to:

  • Words in the title;
  • Different authors (composers, librettists, writers etc.);
  • Type of ensemble for which the work was written (orchestra, quartet, accompanied soloist etc.);
  • Instruments for which these works were written;
  • Locations and institutions of creation.

These different filters can be combined. Pieces for cello and piano appear, for example, by ticking first “Accompanied solo instrument” in the “Musical ensemble” section and “Cello” in the “Instruments” section.

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Search for a document or archive

The results of a search of the documents and archives on the Bru Zane Mediabase can be filtered according to the type of document (image, libretto, correspondence etc.), the persons and works concerned by these pages, but also the publisher of the archive (a category that includes the name of the publications from which the press articles were taken) or of the collections to which they belong.  

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Search for a study

The studies can be filtered on the basis of their title, the artists or works studied, the authors and the type of document sought.

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If you have any difficulties carrying out searches on the Bru Zane Mediabase please do not hesitate to contact us