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The texts available on the Bru Zane Mediabase are a result of the Palazzetto Bru Zane’s various activities: they may have been written as programme notes for a concert or a stage production, as liner notes for a recording, or they may have been commissioned specifically for this site. 

Also, within the framework of educational partnerships, university students have written articles under the supervision of their tutors as part of their training for careers in music mediation.

The format of the “Persons” and “Works” entries complies with a standard of 1,600 characters. In most cases, they were written in French before being translated into Italian or English. Given that the content of the entries may be rewritten over the years, the name of each author does not appear at the foot of each text. 

The list of contributors, since 2009, is as follows: 

Louise Bernard de Raymond

Audrey Cabarrou

Hélène Cao

Gérard Condé

Hector Cornilleau

Alexandre Dratwicki

Céline Drèze

Bénédicte Gandois

Pierre Girod

Fanny Gribenski

Étienne Jardin

Nastasia Matignon

Julie Oustinoff

Jonathan Parisi

Gilles Saint Arroman

Nicolas Southon

Anne-Laure Barçon-Herkens and Alexis Longefay, University of Lyon 2 (under the supervision of Jean-Christophe Branger).

Before being posted online on the Bru Zane Mediabase, the various documents have to be digitised and catalogued. 

Since 2009, these various tasks have been carried out by:

Jean-Christophe Étienne

Fanny Gribenski

Étienne Jardin

Michela Niccolaï

Julien Ségol


If you would like to contribute texts to the Bru Zane Mediabase, do get in touch with us.