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Félicien David. Christophe Colomb. Musique de chambre, symphonique et sacrée

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couverture Portrait DavidCD-Book. Bru Zane Label. Portrait n. 4.

Félicien David was long excluded from the history of French music, aside from mention of the meteoric success of his ode-symphonie Le Désert (1844). He was not only the joint inventor - with Berlioz - of this musical genre that includes a significant element of spoken declamation, but also one of the first Romantic composers to travel extensively in the Orient. A Classical symphonist and composer of quartets and trios in the Austro-German tradition, he also distinguished himself in the genre of grand opéra with Herculanum (1859). This CD-book reveals all the facets of this champion of exoticism, a veritable Delacroix of his art. Listeners can discover for the first time the ode- symphonie Christophe Colomb (1847) and the final apocalypse of Herculanum, cut before the premiere and never published: Le Jugement dernier.


Ralph P. Locke – The many musical worlds of Félicien David

Gunther Braam – Christophe Colomb, ode-symphonie (1847)

Alexandre Dratwicki – Félicien David, from one genre to another

Camille Saint-Saëns – In memoriam Félicien David

Christophe Colomb (libretto)

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Félicien DAVID

(1810 - 1876)