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Marie Jaëll through the eyes of her correspondents

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Marie Jaëll was not only a pianist whose name is attached to a teaching method but also a great virtuoso whose fame spread beyond France, and one of the few female composer members of the Société des Compositeurs de Musique de Paris. For herself she asserted the identity of ‘French-Alsatian’. Today, her name elicits little in the way of response, even in the musical world. So as to make a suitable acquaintance with her, let us explore Marie Jaëll’s correspondence, which is held today in archives deposited in the Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire de Strasbourg.

CD-Book Marie Jaëll. Musique symphonique. Musique pour piano (2016). Translation: Mark Wiggins.

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(1846 - 1925)


publication date : 30/01/24