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Théodore Dubois: a man of his time

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When, in August 1912, Théodore Dubois completed his Souvenirs de ma vie (although intended for publication, this work did not appear until 2008), he concluded: ‘From today, in order that my memory should let me down no further – I am somewhat fearful of this, even if this has not happened on many occasions for the foregoing – I shall be now writing down my notes from one day to the next. Rather than consisting of recollections this will be more of a diary.’ Matching his words with suitable action, he wrote, from August 24, 1912 and until December 21, 1923 – shortly before his death – such a diary or journal to which he regularly confided the most important occurrences in his daily life. The process of rediscovery of this composer and of his music commenced in 2010, following a stirring read of these pages, which had been preserved by Dubois’ family. And also following the many and pleasant surprises that it held in store...

CD-Book Théodore Dubois. Musique sacrée et symphonique. Musique de chambre (2015). Translation: Mark Wiggins.

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Théodore DUBOIS

(1837 - 1924)


publication date : 26/01/24